ROMBET the most representative association –

ROMBET the most representative association –

ROMBET the most representative association on the Romanian market

Dan Alexandru Ghiță, Executive President, ROMBET

The  Organizers’ Asociation – ROMBET has become, during a period of intense activity, marked by internal and international events, partnerships, seminars and direct interactions with the representatives of the industry, the most representative. association in the field of gambling in Romania, with more than 60 national and international members. 

The categories of companies that have chosen to become ROMBET members are from the following areas:
– Traditional operators of machines, from large companies – several thousand slots operated – to medium and small companies;
– Traditional operators of fixed-odds betting;
– Online games operators
– Online gaming platform developing companies;
– Companies that develop machine software, online and virtual games;
– Companies specialized in technical certifications, both in the on-line environment as well as in the traditional one;
– Companies that offer payment processing services for the online market;
– Companies providing software for interconnecting machines for the offline environment;
machines and AWP manufacturers.
ROMBET has contribute to the consolidation of the environment
business from industry, with a special concern given to the collaboration with the National  Office – NGO – and the development of programs in the area of ​​Responsible Gaming. The ROMBET representatives are in permanent contact with the legislative and executive environment, with the local and central authorities: we intervene whenever the situation imposes it to stop certain initiatives that would harm industry, or to correct situations of non-enforcement  in the unitary way.
The ROMBET association is extremely active internationally, having the most constant presence at international events, giving its members and the entire Romanian industry more representativenes. 

During all these years ROMBET attended as a delegate or partner the following live and online events: ICE Totally Gaming – London, EGR – Prague, CEEGC – Budapest, SBC on Sports – London, BEGE and EEGS – Sofia, Prague Gam Summit – Prague, VIGE – Vienna, Mare Balticum Ga- ming Summit – Vilnius, iGB Live – Amsterdam, SIGMA – Malta, WrB – London and many more.


“ROMBET will intensify the efforts to represent the interests of the Romanian  industry at national and international level, in the context of pandemic, which tested the entire economy, and especially the landbased gambling operators. 
In addition, we have clear signs that many Romanian companies will start an expansion process in various countries in Europe, following the model of one of the largest members of the association.
Locally, we are convinced that the association will continue to grow – our current and future members are the ones around which we build our strategies. It is obvious that the market has matured, the competition has strengthened all aspects of the business, and the relationship with authority – either directly, at the level of NGO, or at a wider, legislative and executive level – will tend this year towards normalization.
Our association will continue to be an active pole of action and influence and we will try to permanently change the sentiment in the industry, from an almost defensive one to a leadership one, characteristic of the new global business environment .
 We will always support through dialogue a modern approach to the field, which must evolve naturally at the same pace as technology and all the requirements of the society in which we live.  We are campaigning for a transparent, balanced legislative framework, which offers a fair competitive evolution and at the same time does not create possible situations of double standard or abuses.”, said Mr. Dan Ghita, Executive President with ROMBET.

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