Romanian Gambling Directory 2022 is out on the market

Romanian Gambling Directory 2022 is out on the market

Romanian Directory 2022 (RGD22) is out of the printing house after several successive delays caused by the high-quality paper crisis.

The well-known and appreciated Business Guide for the industry in our country, an original product of our publishing house, has gone out of print, after an endless series of delays caused by the crisis of high quality paper.

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Guided by the motto “The whole world is looking at you” and with over 150 pages of useful information, RGD22 will be present at all international trade fairs and events where our Life & Business Magazine is a media partner.
The first stop will be ENADA Primavera, the well-known annual industry fair in Rimini, Italy.
ICE London, G2E, GES, SIGMA, as well as other events of this magnitude will continue, and the sarabande will end with the traditional BEGExpo event in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The product, a real “must have” of the industry, has gained popularity since its first appearance and has appeared every year since then – with the sole exception of 2021 when the pandemic did not allow the organization of international fairs.
Proof of its popularity is given by the numerous orders, already expressed, coming from abroad.

Those interested can obtain one or more copies, for a fee, by submitting their request to the well-known address

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